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At The Pastel Roses®, we are happy to provide promotional materials and packages for Makeup Artists, Beauty Influencers, Press, Editorial Assignments and Media.

Are you a Makeup Artist / Beauty Influencer with a passion for beauty and social media, interested in our products and looking to join our PR list? 

Please feel free to fill out and submit the PR application form!

Please apply if you are 100% interested in our products.

We will get int touch if your submission succeed!

To enter, please:

- Include the names of  your social media accounts.

- Tell tell what type of makeup products you prefer (e.g. Loose Pigment, Pressed Eyeshadows etc.)

- Have you already used our products? If so, tell us which products are your favourites. This will help us choose cosmetics according to your makeup preferences.

- Tell us whether you prefer nude or colourful makeup.


We love working with individuals who share passion for makeup and creativity. If we are unable to collaborate, we still want to support you by featuring your makeup looks when you tag us @thepastelrosesuk on Instagram.

Due to a large number of submissions, we may be unable to reply to everyone, but we promise that all messages will be read.

We are open internationally and everyone is welcome!

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Promotional Enquiries

The Pastel Roses Ltd.

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Bradford, BD4 8TJ, United Kingdom

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